Hawk core is the perfect solution for your Minecraft server.

Download (.sk)



Hawk core is fully optimized. Little to no performance impact to your server. You won't experience a TPS drop like you would with other unstable scripts, or unoptimized scripts.

Easy to use

Made from scratch for server owners and staff members, Hawk core's commands are very easy to use. Command syntaxes can be found on the documentation page.


The core has all the essential commands. Gamemode command shortcuts as well as toggle flight for players. If we don't have a command, you can always request it on our discord server.

Punishment System

Hawk core is equipped with one of the most powerful punishment systems made with Skript. It comes with a security protocol so you can limit how many alts users can have connected to your server, if any. Even check player's punishment history.

Permissions Manager

This core includes a deluxe and intuitive permission and group manager. All easily managed in-game through an easy to use gui panel. No messy configuration files or confusing command syntaxes.

Always updated

Hawk core is always updated to work with the latest version of Skript. If you find something is outdated, please report it on our discord server at yout earliest convenience.